Puzzle Page Answers

To any true Puzzle Page fan out there you have all the rights to get excited as the game turned one years old this month! It has already been a year since one of most prominent puzzle games dragged the attention of the most puzzle lovers with its daily fresh crossword puzzles and other exciting featured puzzles. Their next update involves a new added Activity Hub screen which enables the players to browse puzzles, access new challenges and also track their progress through a single convenient interface. The developers are seriously thinking on treating their gaming community at their maximum potential and they’re proving to manage everything in the best possible way. Besides the new added hub screen, there’s also implemented a new calendar view which can be used to track the puzzles that are completed and where you can as well search by the puzzle category. Likewise the Special Issues has been rebuilt to provide more useful information and shortcuts to recently played issues. Now there is a total of 29 available Special Issues to choose from and to play with.